Monthly Archives: September 2013



The 2nd Hong Kong Mini Maker Fair was held in August at HKPolyU. This is the second time I visited HK Maker fair.  I found that many new makers took part in this year maker fair. Some makers who had showed his creation last year, joined this year event again. Robot, different brand of 3D Printer, Arduino controlled LED strip, DIY segway, Floating platform with plant, Pseudo-Google glass, DIY Radio, Paper Gundam….etc many new creations appeared in the fair.

It was quite encouraging to see many local makers to bring their creations to the fair. Some of them are very high standard and may be put into mass production in the coming future. As what Chris Anderson said in his book called Maker, Makers can make thing from his / her interest first. After making a prototype which prove to be successful, they can make  few of them to their community. If the demand is great, they can consider mass production and sell it online to the world. The business model is quite unconventional but it may be a new trend of the 3rd industrial revolution created by the personal fabrication tools such as 3D printer, DIY CNC Machine, Low cost laser cut and Low cost 3D scanner.

Personal fabrication will be a new trend in the near future as same as the personal computer spreading to the world in the 80’s, 90’s. The coming revolution will be from personal computers to personal fabrication. The price of the fabrication tools will be cheaper and the quality of them will become higher. Production will happen in your home or a production shop near your region. You can send a 3d file to your home-based 3d printer or a online production shop, after several days, you will receive the finished product by mail. This is happening now. Hong Kong seems to lay behind in this area.