Monthly Archives: August 2012

I am thrilled to visit The 1st Hong Kong Mini Maker Fair held at HKPolyU and see many amazing maker’s projects. Robot, Makerbot, mini CNC Mill, cheap price mini 3d printer, brain wave game robot……..etc all can be seen in the fair. It is so great for many local makers to gather together to exchange ideas and show their creations.

When you look back into the history, such kind of fair was very important in many new technology breakthroughs. Taking Apple computer as an example, the 1st Apple computer was made by electronic amateur “Wozniak” and the knowledge of making it came to some extend from the electronic amateur community. When Wozniak and Jobs made a small amount of their first Apple computer, they could sell it in such kind of fair. Amateur’s community and fair are vital important to the technology development. If there was no such amateur’s culture and fair in America, it could be no personal computer now.

It seems to be so late to see such kind of fair held in Hong Kong when comparing with the neighbourhood countries such as Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Comparing to them, Hong Kong Maker Fair is very small. This reflected the fact that there are too few local makers and the maker’s culture is not prevalent here. That may be the reason why Hong Kong can not develop technology economy. It can be said that Maker’s community and culture have a significant influence to the technology or invention development.

Many local makers made their creations separately and independently in Hong Kong in the past. There were few opportunity for them to exchange their knowledge. Luckily, the first Maker Fair was held in Hong Kong now. Many ideas and new thoughts can be created and exchanged in the fair. I hope that a second Maker Fair can be held in the next year and more and more local makers can take part in it.



Recently, I firstly got the taste of exhibiting my art works to the public. My friend hold a fine art exhibition in Visual Art Center in Admiralty and invited me to join it. So, I had a chance to show  two “Generative Art” paintings in this exhibition. The experience was so great because the art works had a chance to be displayed to the public. I hope that I can hold a second exhibition in the future.

I begin to learn piano now. The piano was bought from where you can find many things with cheap price. This is not the first time for me to learn piano, I had learned it in the past but stopped for a long time. So, I have the basic skills of playing it and try to play it by myself at the moment.,

What’s more is that I am learning SketchUp now. This is a 3D program and the learning curve is rather short. Before learning SketchUp , I used to build 3D model in AutoCAD which you need to spend long time to build the 3D model. I hope using SketchUp can shorten the building time. I am thinking using SketchUp in interior design. I knew one of my classmates who worked in a famous local interior design firm, used SketchUp in their interior design projects. One of the drawback I found in using SketchUp is that I couldn’t build “freeform” model like I can build in Rhino. However, SketchUp has many advantages, one of it is the “Component” library where a large amount of components I can find and use in the interior design project. That may be the reason why more and more interior designers like to use SketchUp. Apart from learning building 3D model, I also need to learn a new render engine called “VRay”. The render effect of VRay is better than that of Mental Ray in 3ds Max. I hope that I can show some VRay renderings in the coming future. 

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