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I was happy that I could find and buy a software of “Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2010” yesterday. However, the language code became traditional chinese and could not show normally after I installed it in my computer. Finally, I could not use it. It was quite disappointing! I wonder if it is the problem of the version of window. I installed a traditional chinese version of window in my home computer. The software may detects the traditional chinese version and switches it language into traditional chinese automatically.
What appears in my mind is that I can install a english version of window so the software can switch back to english version. At that time, I can use it to do some FEA analysis.

When I found this software, I was quite happy because I can foresee that I can design the building from the concept to the structural analysis. That means I can design my work from AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and finally Robot. The design process can be done by one entity which combines Architecture and Engineering that is my dream work. I hope I can design building or bridge from the beginning of concept to the end of engineering analysis. It will be very interesting and efficient design process. I don’t know whether Santiago Calatrava uses Robot or not. What I would like to do is the same of what Santiago Calatrava is doing. He combines the knowledge of architecture and engineering, and designs his works with the knowledge of both fields. His design works is very touching and build-able which is not the fact that most architects and designers can do.

I tried to import my 3D AutoCAD bridge model into Revit Architecture and Revit Structure yesterday night, the outcome was quite encouraging. The whole model can be imported to the Revit successfully. I don’t know whether I can import the same model into Robot. If Robot accepts it and the analysis can be run. It will be so great! So, I can use one digital model to do different tasks such as rendering, documentation and structural analysis.Small is Big and New. Traditionally, the whole design process was very complicated and required a lot of people involved. Today, thanks for the computer technology, many difficult tasks can be done in computer. The whole construction industry will be changed soon!


Thursday, 10 December 2009