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Recently, I firstly got the taste of exhibiting my art works to the public. My friend hold a fine art exhibition in Visual Art Center in Admiralty and invited me to join it. So, I had a chance to show  two “Generative Art” paintings in this exhibition. The experience was so great because the art works had a chance to be displayed to the public. I hope that I can hold a second exhibition in the future.

I begin to learn piano now. The piano was bought from where you can find many things with cheap price. This is not the first time for me to learn piano, I had learned it in the past but stopped for a long time. So, I have the basic skills of playing it and try to play it by myself at the moment.,

What’s more is that I am learning SketchUp now. This is a 3D program and the learning curve is rather short. Before learning SketchUp , I used to build 3D model in AutoCAD which you need to spend long time to build the 3D model. I hope using SketchUp can shorten the building time. I am thinking using SketchUp in interior design. I knew one of my classmates who worked in a famous local interior design firm, used SketchUp in their interior design projects. One of the drawback I found in using SketchUp is that I couldn’t build “freeform” model like I can build in Rhino. However, SketchUp has many advantages, one of it is the “Component” library where a large amount of components I can find and use in the interior design project. That may be the reason why more and more interior designers like to use SketchUp. Apart from learning building 3D model, I also need to learn a new render engine called “VRay”. The render effect of VRay is better than that of Mental Ray in 3ds Max. I hope that I can show some VRay renderings in the coming future. 

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